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Sunday, 19 February 2012



Situated in Rawang...New Rawang town - on the way to Serendah.

Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) Asam boi juices.
Not as good as Mohd Chan's. 
Don't really taste its kedondong and asam boi.

"Keropok ikan'
My husband and I ordered this while waiting for the main course.

Contact number.

Plain white rice.

Asparagus cooked in prawn paste and chilli. (Asparagus masak chilli belacan).
Love the the sauce/gravy but the asparagus itself is not satisfying. As you can see in the picture, it is of the small local type. Nor crispy.

Tom Yum. (Tom Yum campur - with a bit of beef, chicken, squid, prawn, tomato fruit, onion).
Ok...eatable. A bit sweet.

Spicy lala clams. (Lala masak pedas.)
Taste ok. 

Sambal belacan - cucumber

Chicken feet salad. (Kerabu kaki ayam)
Taste sour + spicy. This one tastes good. 

Siakap asam pedas.
This fish dish is cooked in such a way...very VERY spicy + sour. Both of us did not enjoy eating this as it is VERY SPICY.
I don't know how it is supposed to taste. But, the flavour is not very us. BUT I don't know about others...because some may have this as their traditional cuisine. This 'asam pedas' is not like Malacca 'asam pedas' which is chiili red in colour and taste good - sour + a bit sweet + spicy = all balance. 

They serve western food too.

Outside of the restaurant.

They also have grilled fish here / ikan bakar.

This is the restaurant.


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    1. Thank you..I love pictures and love taking them too.
      And thanx for your recommendation of that Fishgrill.